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CtS direct exposing technology and screen automation is our competence. With high-quality Computer-to-Screen solutions, we supply you THE KEY FACTOR for your future success - DIGITAL SCREEN MAKING.

Thanks to CtS technology, perfect screens can be provided in a reproducible and cost-efficient manner. In addition, the printing quality can be improved while increasing your productivity. SignTronic offers various CtS solutions based on DMD technology in different sizes and execution versions based on a MODULAR CtS CONCEPT. The modularity gives you all flexibility to move ahead in your own time frame.

Start simplifying screen making with CtS technology and automation today!

Screen making better than ever

Electronic engineer Andreas Ferndriger (a Screen-Printing veteran of over 30 years) states that the conventional screen making process still consists of an overbearing number of steps.

These generally include the creation of the artwork and data input, RIP, image setting, film processing and correction, mounting and positioning, vacuum processing, MH lamp exposure, development, drying, retouching, finishing, final inspection as well as, lastly, the actual printing of the piece. Obviously, this is a LOT of hoops to jump through and most of it unnecessary when working with an updated process. Once this process is streamlined through automation (means via CtS digital screen creation) the advantages are obvious.

The CtS process is much more efficient than conventional processes. It allows the printers to bypass nearly all of the screen preparation process and - instead - opt for direct exposure. Since the screens will be exposed directly there is NO NEED for complicated and time-consuming filming, montage or vacuum framing procedures. This also means added benefits of much smoother textures, tone and colour transitions within the images and improved detail. Lastly, overall costs will decrease - meaning manufacturers and consumer get much-improved screens for far less cost!

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