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CtS direct exposing technology and screen automation is our competence. With high-quality Computer-to-Screen solutions, we supply you THE KEY FACTOR for your future success - DIGITAL SCREEN MAKING.

Thanks to CtS technology, perfect screens can be provided in a reproducible and cost-efficient manner. In addition, the printing quality can be improved while increasing your productivity. SignTronic offers various CtS solutions based on DMD technology in different sizes and execution versions based on a MODULAR CtS CONCEPT. The modularity gives you all flexibility to move ahead in your own time frame.

Start simplifying screen making with CtS technology and automation today!


A perfect screen at lightning speed! This is the goal that motivates us to develop and manufacture in Switzerland a wide range of Computer-to-Screen (CtS) equipment under the designation SWISS CtS TECHNOLOGY. The STM-ONE is a product already based on the fourth generation of StencilMaster direct exposure systems. Watch the video to get inspired or visit the product page for more information.

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