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Screen making technology is our business for more than 50 years. As leading manufacturer of latest automation technology to produce the perfect screen, we support you in your KEY FACTOR for success – to simplify your screen making!

Screen preparation – standardized and automated for any frame size you may have: STRETCHING / COATING / WASHING – the basic steps in screen making, as well as DRYING / IN-LINE and special treatments p.a. robot gluing system or screen frame preparation machines. Stand alone or automated IN-LINE version – whatever suits you.

Start simplifying screen making today!

15 new coating machines to US market


22 April 2020 : Switzerland based Grünig-Interscreen AG, manufacturer of high quality machines and equipment for the stencil production, has recently shipped 15 coating machines to the US market. “Screen printers need screen automation and standardization,” has always been company’s punch line to motivate screen printers to adopt automation in screen making.

Since more than 50 years, Grünig has dedicated itself to one objective “Automating and standardizing the screen making process in the screen printing business. The company believes in the future of screen printing, which offers countless possibilities and advantages, unlike many other printing methods. It says: “The key factor for your future success is the perfect screen.” This can be achieved by using machines for screen stretching, screen coating as well as screen washing. As on today, more than 5000 machines have been rolled out of its factory at Schwarzenburg. More than 90% of its products are supplied to over 50 countries.

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