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Screen making technology is our business for more than 50 years. As leading manufacturer of latest automation technology to produce the perfect screen, we support you in your KEY FACTOR for success – to simplify your screen making!

Screen preparation – standardized and automated for any frame size you may have: STRETCHING / COATING / WASHING – the basic steps in screen making, as well as DRYING / IN-LINE and special treatments p.a. robot gluing system or screen frame preparation machines. Stand alone or automated IN-LINE version – whatever suits you.

Start simplifying screen making today!

The G-COAT 414

The G-COAT 414 is the ideal machine for coating screen printing screens up to a maximum frame size of 2x2 meters. Single screens or optionally two screens can be coated simultaneously. For small screens, the loading height can also be adjusted as required. The innovative control concept allows all parameters relevant for coating to be programmed individually.

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